• 16 Forth St, Edinburgh, Choose One..., EH1 3LH
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Reviews for Test Site an Indian Restaurant & Takeaway in Edinburgh

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Great food, love it!

lovely stuff

Daniel, Kendal at Nov 16, 2016

A lovely evening!

Thanks for a great time, we will be back.

Dan, Bradford at Sep 24, 2015

Love this place!

Can't get enough. I order every week.

Jimbob Brown, Paisley at Sep 24, 2015

Best pizza going!

Amazing. This thing had more cheese than a bowl full of Babybels!

Tom Farmer, Edinburgh at Sep 24, 2015

new review


Test 6666, test at Aug 11, 2015

Great Place!

A new test review

Dan, Test 3 at Aug 11, 2015

Best Indian Restaurant in Burgess Hill

Easily the best Indian Restaurant in Burgess Hill. The staff are always welcoming and polite and are keen to help in that difficult 'what shall I have?' choice. The Salmon Shashlik is exceptional!

Dan Noblett, Blackburn at Feb 18, 2013

Only ordering was easy.

Vicky Masters, Edinburgh at Feb 2, 2010

Very easy to order, big portions.

Dave Mitchell, Newington at Feb 2, 2010